Outside The Box

Working out with a personal trainer is not for everyone, and a training schedule you plucked from the internet somewhere will quickly become boring and repetitive. The first few weeks you will go to the gym full of motivation with your newly printed schedule, but soon you go less and less, and before you know it, the only memory you have of the gym is the monthly subscription being paid out of your account.

That is why we do things differently at Outside The Box than you are used to, but that will definitely allow you to make progress! The name speaks for itself, but with us, you will always work out in the beautiful open air. At first that may seem a little daunting in the winter, but you will warm up in no time, and you will barely notice the cold after that. In addition, you will never be in groups larger than six people, this means we can give plenty of personal attention for everyone involved. We love a challenging workout at Outside The Box, but we always keep in mind personal progression and injuries, and you will never have to compare yourself to those that have been working out at Outside The Box longer.

Ivo van Boheemen Teijlerstraat
And that is precisely where our strength lies; we leave our ego’s outside the training area, and you really work out for you and not to impress others. You decide how to challenge yourself during the workout (with some encouragement from the trainer, of course). The workout is the time to give it your all under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers, that know exactly how to push you just a little more, without you leaving in tears. No workout is the same with us, and variety is very important to us. Sometimes the focus is on strength, sometimes it’s on performance, and other times we focus on technique. This way, we make sure the workouts never get boring, and you will continue to make progress in every muscle group. Although the workouts are always a challenge and get our full focus and attention, we take everything else just a little less seriously. We laugh, talk and sometimes even complain a little. Most of the people that train with us know each other by now, and they are always welcoming to people who just started. You never have to fear you are the odd one out during our workouts. Of course, the goal is to make progress. Whether that means building strength, gaining confidence, lose weight or just being active a few times a week. We believe that this does not have to be only through suffering, but we want to make it fun, so you can remain motivated and continue to challenge yourself. Does this sound like you? Come try out a workout without any commitments and experience Outside The Box for yourself! If you are still in doubt you can always choose the ticket strip to start with and otherwise our subscription can be cancelled after only three months!

About the trainer

Ivo used to, and still does if we are being honest, thrive when he could play outside. You really feel that energy when he is the trainer at Outside The Box.
Sports has always been central in Ivo’s career. Unfortunately, he broke his leg ten years ago. According to doctors, he would probably never be able to walk the same way any more. However, after a long recovery, Ivo carefully tried to exercise and teach tennis again. First he went to the gym, but it turned out this was not the palace for him. He wants to exercise with people and have some friendly competition, and if possible all of that outside in the fresh air. Not only does Ivo walk and run like he used to, but he has never been in better shape!
After a career as a gym teacher, tennis trainer and nutritional consultant, Ivo started his dream project Outside The Box. He wants to help you reach your fitness goals. Even if those goals maybe seem very far away.
Ivo believes in the philosophy of Outside The Box and not in a subscription you cannot get out of (not that you would want to!)

Ivo van Boheemen