Food by the Box – Nutritional advice 

Are you ready for days of dry chicken and boiled broccoli, juice cleanses and most of all a lot of things you are not allowed to eat? Then you should probably continue looking! We do things a little differently with our nutritional advice from Food by the Box. We do not believe in short-term solutions, but in developing patterns that you can maintain. Not only that, but we want you to keep eating and drinking what you are right now (in moderation, of course) and not have to make too many adjustments in your daily life.

For Whom?

Really, for everyone that can use some advice and guidance in his or her nutrition. The people we help usually lose about 6% of their bodyweight over twelve weeks. And yes, they can still enjoy a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate or a cheese board. Your goal, motivation and time determines the intensity of our twelve-step plan. Do you need to fit in your wedding dress or suit or do you want to be “beach fit” we will work together to get you there! With us, you will not find standardized meal schedules, but instead personal guidance with your goal in mind. After these twelve weeks, you can continue progressing with all the knowledge and experience you have! Contact us to see if we can help you. Of course, you can make maximum progression if you combine it with our workouts.

What can I expect?

What can you expect from Food by the Box: – online nutritional guidance and advice – weekly check-ins – blueprint meal plan – personal needs are integrated for your goal – informative mailing

What do others say?

Thank you for your good guidance and realistic assessment. Take the advice to keep snacking instead of completely depriving yourself of treats. And then also with tips on how it can be done differently. It was super good to keep me and motivate me to keep doing my best. I can recommend this to anyone who wants a healthier diet!

I am certainly proud of what I have achieved. Notice many things that I have lost weight, such as clothes that are much more comfortable, I have more stamina with sports and it is also clearly visible in my surroundings. Colleagues, friends, everyone can see that I have lost weight and feel comfortable in my skin. All those things together that gives a lot of satisfaction from the past few weeks. In the beginning I went all out and after 2-3 weeks I thought: what have I started?

Again that bowl of cottage cheese or those proudly weighing grapes. Persistence is then the only thing you can do, but that is not for everyone. It’s also about discipline, because if you don’t have that, you can’t achieve your goals. It was sometimes quite spicy, because on weekends you tend to quickly grab something tasty or have a drink. And then we also had some holidays that fall during this period.

Anyway! I lost 5.8 kilos and I’m very proud of that! Thanks for your tips and support over the past period. It was a pleasure!